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Gruppe Adler is a German TvT and COOP unit for ArmA 3 which was founded in April 2014. The founding members of our unit have been active in the ArmAverse since Operation Flashpoint was released in 2001. The social structure of our unit ranges from students in their mid-twenties to family-men in their mid-fifties.

flagTeam vs. Team and Cooperative

We play ArmA 3 only. Our preferred game-mode is TvT but we also play COOP. Our focus is on tactical game-play in a relaxed and friendly style. We cherish our virtual lives, we act cautiously rather than recklessly and use as few re-spawns as possible. We probably take ArmA 3 more seriously than casual gamers would but we don’t try to imitate the military.


Besides playing we build our own missions, we are involved in addon-making and many other aspects of ArmA 3. We host and participate in national and international events. Our unit language is German. English is spoken with international players.

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Find the forum section Reaching out to other groups to arrange an event with us or to discuss community affairs. To simplify the registration procedure you can use our forum in several languages but please only post in either English or German.

You may also write an email to or join us on our Teamspeak We’re a friendly bunch but we shoot on sight!

Thank you for reading and best regards

Alpha-Kilo and Xivid
Unit Leaders